Steena ​Hernandez

Mouse Party 

(100 Word Haiku)

By Steena Hernandez

Cool breeze, summer’s gone…

a year has passed now leaves fall.

Friends arrive with plans.

Adorn great outdoors,

and hang festive lights on trees.

Helping makes light work.

Baked frosted layers;

sweet delight in every bite.

Waxed wicks standing tall.

Balloons float above,

as green and pink streamers dance.

Decorations set.

Mouse will be here soon.

Coned hats hide behind big trees.

Shhh—it’s almost time!

Tiny steps approach.

Whoosh! Confetti rain sprinkles.

Mouse blushes and grins.

Monkey yells, “Surprise!”

Moose, Mule, Mole jump out and cheer—

Happy Birthday Mouse!

Joyful whiskers twitch;

yummy, frosted paws and claws

celebrate today.

"Do You Believe"

"Do You Believe" Written by Steena Hernandez and John Campos of 

One Mind Music-New York City-